About the Team

Michael Dozzi - Guy on a Bike

This is Mike Dozzi. The heart and inspiration behind Dozzitravels.life 

This guy is out there doing stuff you may only read about or witness vicariously…. Hence this website and the social media documenting his Journey. 

Once you commit, you will be on his adventure. we will be bringing you his experiences, tribulations and solutions whilst being outside of his comfort zone. 

Editors note: Things are ramping up too…  RJM is trying to keep up!!!

Robert J. Morris

Robert J. Morris

This is Robert J. Morris. He’s awesome! He also wrote this bit so he does apologize.  Robert takes all of Mike Dozzi’s material from a cloud we built and are working tirelessly to bring you some amazing videos, pictures and stories. 

Mike and I are a couple of the very rare few that escaped our hometown and got out there and have been able to see the world. It is with this knowledge that I am grateful and flattered to be a part of this project. 

Much love,

There have been a multitude of people that have stepped up and worked with us to make some of this content possible and those people will be mentioned on the special mentions page. 
Much love to all of you!
The Team at DozziTravels